Back to the roots of trading.

Empower sustainable agricultural commodities.

Our Mission

We are going to transition material flows for the bio-economy!


We built cutting-edge digital infrastructure for the inclusive trade of sustainable niche-commodities. An integrated platform to establish secure transactions between demand and supply.


We believe that the physical trade of raw materials, the vein of global capitalism, has to be disrupted and reinvented to enable fair competition between conventional resources and sustainable alternatives.


We rethink the stock-exchange from an Industry 4.0 perspective and utilise the Network-Economy to leverage the integration of green commodities into material-flows and

Let's start the revolution!

A modular system for physical Commodity Trading

Matching Demand and Supply!







and much more....!

Our Concept

Create a Listing

Hemp, Miscanthus, Flax, Kenaf...

Match a Producer

Local, National, International.

Choose Genetic from certified Catalogue

A network of breeders with all varieties to suit your purposes.

Choose desired Delivery Date

Predefine your future delivery and plan ahead properly.

Finance the Trade

Involve a financier to leverage your Input and produce more efficiently.

Add an Insurance

Hedge your risk and insure unforeseen events.

Verify the Product

Get your product tested by a Laboratory to ensure product quality.

Store flexibly

Predefined intersections for intermediate warehousing.

Get it Delivered

Choose your best option out of a network of logistic solutions.

Secure your supply!

Manifest your supply-chain, ensure optimal production flows and avoid uncertainty!

The Team

We are an open-minded team of three social entrepreneurs dedicated to developing an impactful innovation. Despite our young age, we have substantial international experience. We’re dissatisfied with the current status and practices in our globalised capitalistic system. We want to live in a future that is characterized by a circular bio-economy and inclusivity for all. We believe a change can only happen through disruption and want to contribute to its realisation!

Akash Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Nando Knodel

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Swoboda

Chief Software Engineer

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